Big Data and Business Analytics

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Dec 1, 2015
Cours MBA
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This course will equip students with insight and knowledge about how Big Data & Analytics contributes to business transformation and growth. By considering market opportunities and drivers, industry specifics, required infrastructure and technology investments, and organizational factors students will be prepared to work on case studies, solve complex business and societal problems such as predicting and better understanding customer buying trends, optimizing organizational design, collecting and processing competitive intelligence, improving retail sales, or helping brand managers gather critical feedback on the success of a marketing campaign.

During the course students will work in two tracks to deep-dive into Big Data & Analytics in Marketing and Big Data & Analytics in Strategy, where they will interact with Subject Matter Experts and solve various business cases.


Knowledge of How to . . .

Solve business problems by applying analytics methodologies and solutions

Think more analytically

Build fact-driven Leadership skills

Leverage analytics as a strategic asset

Develop Strategies and improve operations guided by insights

Create business value through use of big data

Analytics and Big Data techniques are applied in a variety of management activities: marketing, human resource management, finance, accounting and audit, production. A great number of practical examples and cases will illustrate this variety.


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